Hainan Hogs: biking China style

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In different parts of the world, across varying degrees of industrial or economic “development”, bikes mean different things.  In the west, old motorcycles, cars and now even bicycles are collector’s items.  In poorer nations they are often essential means of transport for people and goods.  In China, they have been a way of life since first being introduced in the port city of Shanghai by European and American expats in the 1870s.  While on the south-eastern island of Hainan in China, I got to appreciate the utility of vehicles that wouldn’t be allowed under the road rules of developed nations, the history of use they display on their peeling paintwork, and their beauty.

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  • I love this entry. I can completely relate. We have a pretty cool motorcycle/bicycle community in Bali, Indonesia. Check out http://www.deusbaliblog.co.id/.


  • Love that place!!!

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