Sunrise in Seattle

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Neon shines across shiny cobblestones, slick with the pre-dawn drizzle.  Pike Place Market is active, but in a languid, pre-coffee fix kind of way.  A swine guardian stands impassively at the entrance, oblivious to the melting frost on its snout, yet a symbol of the culinary ingredients inside.

Ice is shoveled, while fish and crabs carefully placed, as if they were competitors in a pageant.  Everything made to look its best.  Large men with incongruous dexterity and care select and arrange fruits and weird looking vegetables.  Hooded, impassive but creative flower vendors make fabulous floral arrangements.  The younger flower girls chat and appear to do their best to make the matriarchs crack a smile, to no avail.

Commuters and dog walkers alike, hats pulled down, scarves around ears, coffee cups (mostly Starbucks) clutched in gloved hands, casually survey the scene.

Around the corner, the Crumpet Shop serves up freshly made pock-marked pucks of carbohydrate goodness, as they have done for the past 35 years.  Eager customers watch as the crumpets’ caverns fill with yellow liquid that seconds before was hard butter.

A few homeless man looks on, his eyes shaded by an enormous mad hatter hat but watering from the morning cold, his massive Grizzly Adams beard not quite hiding his salivation at the feasts just out of his grasp.


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