Ritualism Caffeinated

Jul 8, 2012 by     No Comments    Posted under: Coffee

Coffee, tea and other drinks have played prominently in many of my global explorations.  I’ve dedicated entire days to finding the best coffee in various cities.  I’ve tried to take the perfect photo of the perfect latte art, a search that continues.  Every day I make 3 almond milk lattes at home, the process involving multiple pieces of apparatus, timing and focus.   Its a ritual that may not be as sacred as a Japanese tea ceremony (something that I’ve participated in and want to learn to do someday when I’m old but can still sit cross legged on a tatami mat).  There is something about the detail in each step needed, the small physical movements involved, and the quest for the perfect pull and pour, that make it, for me, a Zen experience.  And given I wanted to test out the video capabilities of my new Pentax K-01, I thought I’d attempt to capture it.  I assure you, it tasted great.

Shot on a Pentax K-01.

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