Directional Changes

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In surfing directional changes are everything.  Its how a surfer sets up to ride a wave.  Its what judges gives scores for.  Its the difference between setting a perfect line for the perfect tube, or getting smashed by the whitewater.

For some time now I’ve been contemplating a slight directional change for the stories on Leisure Activist.  The last few years I felt like I had to separate my travel writing from my media work and my business travels.  In my desire to focus more on travel journalism, I’ve not properly documented certain travel-related experiences.  I’ve also realized that my work life and travel life, and my life in general, are inextricably linked.  In addition, one of the key drivers of my desire to explore, and to write, is the investigation of the spiritual side of travel (by spiritual I do not mean in the religious sense, but more in the sense of what is learnt about one’s true spirit from travel and new experiences).

And so, loyal readers, you will likely see a broadening of content to include more experiences related to international sports events, with looks behind the scenes.  More historical travel content, from a magical box of musings and photos I rediscovered recently that goes back to my pre-teens.  More exploration of my search for self and what truly makes me feel connected to the universe – the spiritual journey of an unspiritual man.  I hope that this does not alienate those who read this blog for its absolute pure travel focus, and I recognize I’m taking a risk, especially as this directional change will inevitably reveal more about my personal self.  But I’ve been told that the best writing comes from total abandon, and so I hope you come along for the ride.

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