El Salvador: Dawn Departure

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Morning Commute

Crack of dawn. The first rays of light are welcomes by a pretty bird with a yellow chest and an annoying call. A weird looking dog sits beside a big rooster. 2 horses engage in some form of horseplay while others simply stroll the street the industrious people pile onto a bright blue bus. A pretty village girl waits for her ride, while ignoring those peering at her through our bus windows. A bakery blazes with yellow fluorescent light. Across a narrow bridge trundle cyclists with heavy metal bikes with plastic boxes on the back. Where just a few days ago there was a raging torrent, now the river trickles and bathers wash without fear of being swept away.

A herd of cows meander on the road, the old woman with a feeble green twig to keep them moving, seemingly oblivious to the trucks bearing down on them. Fishermen using nets cast into another shallow river, the gossamer lines as beautiful as the fan of a geisha.

Orange clouds fill the sky. A toughly uniformed policeman casually attaches a flag to a pole. An old cowboy viciously whips a huge Brahman cow that refuses to move in the right direction. Heavily armed soldiers stand guarding some mystery treasure. A pickup truck sits squat with 15 people standing in the open back.

There are reminders of third world living. Shacks made of sticks and tin.  Trash demonstrating that basic living needs come before environmental care. Truck tires lay alongside barb wire fences. Lines of washing with mangy dogs sitting underneath. Yet cell phone companies advertise with garishly red billboards.

El Salvador, t I will be back.

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