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joyful friendships peek/

through clouds of sad missing/

sweet waves of remembrance

Remembrance is different things to different people, influenced by place, ritual and belief.  For me, it involves an active celebration of someone’s life, followed by a place that inspires contemplation.  Swami’s, in Encinitas, is my own mystical location – a reef break in front of cliffs, and on top of the cliff the meditation gardens of the Self Realization Center, shadowed by tall palms.  A surf in the Pacific waters, connecting with the pantheist aquatic gods, pulling on strands of seaweed between waves.  Walking back along the beach and noticing a lone, pink shell.  Post surf, meditating surrounded by green life, the sound of flowing water and the sometimes audible gulp of giant carp.  Appreciating the vividness of butterflies, ferns, the sky and dragonflies.  To celebrate the memory of loved ones, you should first appreciate and celebrate your own life.  When you are aware of your breath, and you can feel your heart, its the right place and time.

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  • Resonates so deeply. You capture the exhilaration of playing in the waves and the joys of big Nature as a way to celebrate life. When younger, I made peace with my father’s early death by seeking opportunities/risks (60% sensible ;-)) — as a way of being a daring daughter. Now – I ‘live big’ without guilt or shame – as he did to honor the unique heritage I carry. Thank you for writing this.

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