A Meditative Moment

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Floating over small swells, eyes closed, a tiny question of whether a rogue wave will collect me.  The rain rapidly increases, the sound of water hitting water, and raindrops on my surfboard soothing.  I feel the impact on my head, and water running down my face, dripping off my chin to join those falling from the sky.  Windless, the smooth ocean carpet dimpled.  It’s like being absorbed into an alternate reality meditative moment, the sense of calm absolute, and the only sounds belonging to nature.

The rainfalls becomes dramatic.  I’m paddling through a field of bouncing, liquid, silver mushrooms.  Raindrop splashes create crowns like a Canon milk droplet camera ad.  A sliver of light breaks through the clouds, the rain ceases, and the ocean becomes silver foil.  A rainbow bursts behind Norfolk Pines on the Manly beachfront.

Surf ski master John paddles past on his orange craft, near bat-blind, yet knows his path due to 7 decades of ocean awareness, a pod of dolphins silently separating as he glides through nature.

Contentment reigns.

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