Moto to San Blas

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Road to San Blas Islands, Panama

It really got interesting when we turned left.  The road became a thin black line that rose, fell, twisted and disappeared into encroaching jungle, emerging on the near horizon.  There was little need for signs warning of corners, because it was all twists and turns for 40km.  Steep inclines hid the sharp corners that inevitably laid in wait out of sight.  A large truck, laying in the bottom of a gully like a long dead elephant, showed the consequence of getting it wrong.  The only motorbikes we saw were our 3 BMWs, and scant few other vehicles, but the occasional tip truck filled with jungle logs reminded us to stay on the right side of the road.  Brief showers, puddles of orange mud, and every shade of green.  The road ends suddenly at a brown-watered beach, a rough food shack, and an old guy painting a boat.


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