Under Sea San Blas

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San Blas shell

There isn’t much on the island of Isla Aguja, in the San Blas archipelago in the Carribean off the east coast of Panama.  Under the water, however, is a different story.  Remnants of dead coral over near white sand give way to sea grasses, as sparse as an octogenarians’ follicles.  Clumps of live coral grow from the sea floor in wide variety of shapes and colors.  Frightening looking sea urchins, with vicious foot long, black, slender spines walk the sand undisturbed, or hide in coral caves.  Stunning trigger fish, each seeming to have a unique color or pattern dart away, but a giant blow fish with eyes like saucers approaches with curiosity.  Giant sea cucumbers lay scattered along the sand, like discarded items from an abandoned sex shop.  Translucent angel fish, so skinny that they disappear from view when swimming away, turn and swarm around my feet, in piranha-like behavior.  The trail of bubbles flowing from finger tips give a crystal ball trail back to the shade of coconut trees.

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