Sydney Opera House

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Opera House

Some fast facts:

One of the great budgeting and project planning blunders in history: when the project started it was estimated to be $7 million and take 4 years, but it took 14 years with the final cost being $102 million.

The “sails” have 1,056,006 white ceramic tiles.

The first person to sing at the Opera House was the American baritone Paul Robeson, who in 1960 sang “Ol’ Man River” to construction workers from scaffolding.

Arnie Schwarzenegger won his Mr Olympia title in the Concert Hall in 1980.

There are 10,154 pipes in the grand organ.

Danish architect Jorn Utzon won the design competition for the Opera House in 1957, and was highly praised by legend Eero Saarinen.

Queen Elizabeth II dedicated the building on October 29, 1973.

The Opera House contains 7 venues, and over 1800 performances take place each year.

In the 70s, legendary surf films were launched in the Concert Hall, notably Tubular Swells.  The long haired, flared jeans wearing surfers were a contradiction to the usual suited Opera House goers.

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