Dakar Andes Crossing: A Spectacular Day, a Long and Painful Night

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Dakar canyon quad

As we approach the end of another year, that once again passed far too quickly, I felt like looking back.  This time 2 years ago I was approaching the new year with trepidation.  Mainly because my buddies Will and Quinn had looped me into following the Dakar Rally at the last minute (I’d said no earlier in the year to the crazy idea, and when someone else dropped out I was guilted into joining on the basis that I had dragged Will into the Himalayan craziness).  I’d barely ridden all year, had done zero off road training other than a very useful 2 day skills prep course with Rawhyde Adventures, but I did have an awesome kit of equipment.  I was excited to undertaken another adventure, nervous, and largely unknowing of what was ahead.

This particular day started early, as my BMW had been stolen from the side of the road after a break down, but found again by ingenious local police and I was in the distant police station at 1am.  A short nap, a repack, and we were watching the race vehicles roar up the hill before daylight.   We followed, sometimes mixed up among the trucks, and experienced fog, rain and mud early, but as we ascended into the Andes the sun came out.  We were soon racing at various high speeds (mine at the low end at 140, Will at the high end at 180) across a moonscape of salt flats.  But serious challenges lay ahead…. (yes, I know I’m teasing – for a video insight check out Quinns video:)

Dakar Tour Jan 5: A Spectacular Day, a Long and Painful Night

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