Iceland Prelude

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Mike Ferris was the first person to organize an Australian group to ride over the Himalayas in 1994.  He started Ferris Wheels in 1995, and has now ridden across the world’s highest road more than 50 times.  In 2013 the exploits of some of the tours aired on the Seven Network in Australia as “World On Wheels”.

This is only the 2nd year of the “Inspiring Iceland” tour.  The brochure says we will experience: surreal arctic 24-hour daylight; wonderful waterfalls including the Dettifoss, Europes most powerful; volcanic lava fields and the infamous Eyjafjallajokull volcano (that erupted in 2010); the original “geysir” and Europe’s largest glacier; seals, dolphins, whales, puffins and Icelandic horses; wild western fjords at Europe’s westernmost point; continental plates, subterranean caves and Jules Verne’s ‘Centre of the Earth’.

In September 2013 Australian Road Rider editor Mick Matheson wrote a pictorial on the Iceland tour he did with Ferris Wheels in June of 2013.  On that ride Steve Dummit jr of North Carolina celebrated his 80th birthday, with his 19 year old grandson Nate riding behind him.

Iceland is a remote island in the North Atlantic, and is a country that continues to grow in size due to tectonic activity.  Its total population is only 320,000, two-thirds of which live in or near Reykjavik.

Here is some information about some of the places we will be going to:

The most powerful waterfall in Europe, which was also the opening scene location for the film Prometheus (must admit all I remember from that film is Charlize Theron – hope she is taking a shower under the waterfall when we get there):

I shall do my best to look that good on the journey!



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