Pushing Boundaries

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I’ve written about big wave rider friends of mine in the past.  And I’ve spoken a lot about surfing as a surf webcast commentator.  What excites me right now is the boundaries that are being not just pushed, but obliterated in the sport, and the crossover of true waterman.  Laird Hamilton has always stood out, like Dave Kalama, and Shane Dorian quietly went about being a legendary outdoorsman.  To me Kai Lenny and Jamie Mitchell stand out.  Kai because at such a young age he dominates stand up paddling in surf, racing and big wave riding, can windsurf with the best and rips on a board.  Mitchell because in short order has gone from being one of the best paddle board racers of all time (10x Molokai winner), to respected big wave rider, all with humor and humbleness.

The Hercules storm that hit Europe last week threw up crazy, powerful swells, and some of the biggest waves ever ridden.  Vincent Kardasik was on hand to capture this video at Belharra, France with an intrepid group of chargers.  Amongst the impressive line up of experienced big wave surfers, it was Mitchell’s wave that stood out:


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