The Art of Street Wandering

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Toronto street art

“Wandering aimlessly”.  Its an interesting phrase, as it inherently has an aim, a purpose, a value.

One definition of “wander” is to walk or move in a leisurely, casual, or aimless way.  So to say “wandering aimlessly” is either a tautology or a redundancy (or some other fancy english language rule that has faded long back into the days of school).  “Aimless wandering”, according to Wikipedia, also refers to both “samsara” (the cycle of birth, death and rebirth), and a walking meditation that is a mindfulness practice of exploration without destination.  In any event, I have an affinity to wandering, to explore for its own purpose, without knowing exactly where I’m going or what I’m going to see.  

The best cities in the world enable wandering – from neighborhood to neighborhood, absorbing changes in culture, architecture and people, in relatively short succession.  Toronto is one of those cities.

Under crisp, clear April skies, in weather that was cool yet held the promise of spring, with a softness of the late afternoon light of lengthening days, I wandered with wonder.  From “Graffiti Alley”, through the Fashion District (with a quick pop into @torontocollective on Spadina Avenue for some education by Shaun and Shane and inspiration by @youngjarus and @deadlymike Del Mundo), onto the Kensington bohemian district, past the Movember wall, and into the artistic goldmine of the back alleys off Ossington Avenue and Queen St West.  Somehow, 3 hours passed me by, and yet with a sense of more discovery to be made, I lamented the dying rays of light.  Darkness and hunger took hold, so wandering aimlessly was replaced with searching with purpose to find fare that matched the artistic inspiration.  Toronto I shall return for more.


@youngjarus IMG_0034 IMG_0047 IMG_0051 IMG_0061 IMG_0067 IMG_0090 IMG_0101 IMG_0103 IMG_0123 IMG_0124 IMG_0129 IMG_0134 IMG_0144 IMG_0148 IMG_0155 IMG_0170_2 IMG_0175

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