The Adventure of Responsibility, an Age for Celebration

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When my best friend Luke and his wife Grandtyana asked me to be Godfather to their recently born first daughter, my first response was “why the hell would you want me to be responsible for the spiritual development of your child?”.  This was back in 2001, and prior to my realization that spirituality was not tied to religion, and certainly prior to my exploration of self via yoga and meditation.  However, I was flattered and despite my confusion still thrilled to accept the role of Godfather to what appeared to be a beautiful baby girl in Jazmine.

It turned out to be one of the most significant and meaningful aspects of my life.  Jazmine today turned 13, a shocking occurrence in its speed, frightening in meaningfulness of her female maturity, and sheer pride in considering what she has become and achieved at a still tender age.  Jaz has delighted me in ways I could not have imagined, without having a small sense of responsibility for a small human being.  The degree to which I care about her well being, her development and her happiness, still shocks and thrills me.  The pride I have felt at her achievements, even from afar as she carries out most of them in Indonesia while I reside in California, makes my heart swell.

She is now a teenager, 13 today.  Womanhood beckons.  Yet I know her intelligence, her grounded knowledge attributable to her parents and grandparents, and her self belief will keep her protected.  I feel sorry for any boys who annoy her, not just because because she will surely and swiftly put them in her place, but also because her equally beautiful but witchcraft influencing mother will surely condemn and curse them to infinite layers of eternal damnation and torture.  Her talent, beauty and ability to connect with people will carry her far, likely Hollywood eventually.  I’m am certain fame is in her fate.  And I will be proud all along her way.

Jaz is 13!  Happy Birthday Darling, you will always be cherished.

Love, Your Godfather.

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