Buzios Weekend

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Awoke to a scene of blue sky, blue ocean, tiny bulbous islands rising from the sea, magnificent old schooners and cute, colorful dinghys, all seen through billowing white curtains framing open French windows.

Slip on the running shoes, and explore by exercise.  Jog past early morning industriousness, as casual street sweepers clean away the leaves (despite the constantly blowing 20 knot wind that no doubt will bring back more).  A few people walking dogs.  A sense of serenity about the place.  Fisherman at work, some off boats, some straight off a small beach.  On Bardot Street, along the seafront, a statue of its namesake Bridget Bardot, in bronze, sitting on a suitcase.  The first famous person to make Buzios stylish – many more followed.

Flagship type stores, that would not seem out of place in Soho, separated from the waves lapping against the sea wall by only a narrow cobblestone street.  A very cute and tiny cinema, bookshop and coffee shop hides in a side street.  The smell of fresh Brazilian coffee brewing must be one of the worlds’ best scents at that early hour.

Undeterred by a huge mutant wasp, I eat the traditional healthy breakfast of yoghurt and fruit on my tiny balcony, sitting as a king surveying his magnificent kingdom.  Below me a poolside dining area, with the b.  Bahian-attired servers calmly go about their business, as Billy Holliday’s plaintive and soulful mournings of lost love add to the ambience.  A short downpour.  Raindrops creating concentric patterns on the pool surface.

Out in front sits the omnipresent ocean.  The sweeping bay a safe haven for tiny boats the colors of the Jamaican flag that dot the blue water canvas like a Damien Hirst creation.

For lunch our newly found friends, Sebastian and Alfredo, take us to a remote beach, hidden at the end of a long sand road.  In a tiny, ramshackle wooden shed, with a kitchen the size of a broom closet, a man creates a simple meal from the ocean.  After 6 years training in Spain to learn the art, each creation fetches the princely sum of about a dollar, but should be weighed and valued the same as gold. Mussels, diced and mixed with tuna and other unknown ingredients, are served up in their shells.  Simple, yes, but the flavors exquisite.  The Brasilian president himself, and dignitaries from around the world, come to this shack at the end of a dirt road for the experience.  We dine on gourmet simplicity, on an old dirty wood table, sand underneath our feet, and the surf just feet away.

The night is spent with best friends at the Casas Brancas cliff top dining room.  Elegance and relaxed Buzios ambience, all in one.  Sharing stories of the day, bottles of fabulous Argentinian Malbec, and lots of laughs, completed the memorable day.

Life is good!

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