Dakar Rally, here we come

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Moto wrap Dakar 11

I  wouldn’t sensibly feel this unprepared, at least knowingly.  When I rode the Indian Himalayas in 07 after only 4 months of motorcycle experience I was blissfully ignorant of the challenge ahead.  This time I know more, and that creates nervousness.

Nerves, excitement, uncertainty.  But many adventures involve such feelings. Following the Dakar Rally through Argentina and Chile with about 15 other riders will be an experience to be remembered.

The Dakar?  In South America?  Doesn’t it start in Paris?  Well, it used to, up until 2008 when terrorist threats forced its cancellation on the eve of the race after teams had spent millions in preparation and travel.  The astute President of Argentina the next day phoned the race organizers and offered their friendly deserts for the race.  In 2009 the Dakar was reborn.

So, with only a few days of offroad riding training at the Rawhyde Adventures Academy north of Los Angeles (see Quinn’s video recap below), a frantic repack after a trip to Sydney, and off we go.  Prepared or not, its on!


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