Dakar Day 5: Iquique Race Start

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Even when woken by the dawn, and having spent the night on hard dirt, there is nothing better than the early morning vista of a remote coast line and the sound of waves. Today’s only plan was riding to watch the race start high above Iquique, and then into a hotel for 2 nights. The body sighed in anticipation of rest. The ride up to the start was amazing – a road cut into the side of the biggest sand dunes in the world, climbing at an alarming rate, the beach town below.

A few exciting moments of sand riding, and several hours were spent as thrilled spectators. On a slight corner, just enough to carry the risk of a vehicle careening into us, we captured images and got a sense of who was fastest, race procedure, and the passion of supporters. We met people who had come from Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Brasil, South Africa and Australia, just to experience this piece of Dakar. Eating dust, baking like snakes in the blazing sun, and leaping out of the way of errant vehicles was all part of a good day.

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