Dakar Day 12: San Juan to Cordoba

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I Don't Want what they are Selling

I Don’t Want what they are Selling

Dirt, dirt, dirt.  The intended route back to our starting point at Estancia La Paz showed 572km, more than half of it on the dirt.  But not for me.  I’m in the truck again.  Most of the day was anti-climactic, although still some moments of excitement when we selected a road over the mountains near Cordoba that gave us many moments of cliff-falling expectation (great road for a motorbike, absolute shit for a truck that can barely turn a corner without rolling over).  The highlights, however, were the thousands upon thousands of people that lined town roads, thrilled to see the Dakar finishers, and the very end of our trip when (thanks to the impressive look of the truck) we were ushered into the competitors lane, speeding past the traffic snarl to the cheers of the fans.


While I sat in the truck, Will and Quinn and others still managed to find some adventure on the last day:

For the first time in my life, upon arrival at Estancia La Paz, I was glad that an adventure was over.  This one just had too many elements of danger, lack of options, and exhaustion.  But it is funny how memory will change over time, and just one glass of wine with Will and Q resulted in romanticizing of the trip.  I’m sure that the highlights, and the sense of accomplishment in the face of challenges, will end up me looking at this trip in the future with fondness and pride, but right now I’m happy to stick to drinking some nice Argentinian wine.


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