The Most Interesting Store in NYC?

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Not everyone wants a stuffed big cat, a mummified head, scary early dental tools or creepy mannequins, but the Obscura store in NYC is absolutely fascinating.  Carefully curated, wonderfully hectic, and a test for the eyes to pick out treasures among the jigsaw puzzle of “collectables”. Sticks, whips, bridles, unexploded bombs, elephant man shoes and skulls. Insects, old photos, posters, and lamps made from antelope feet and crocodile. Even a giant old jockstrap.  My favorites: the stuffed beaver, and a globe of the moon made before man had set foot on it.

Now featured in “Oddities” on the Science Channel.

Obscura Antiques & Oddities is at 280 E. 10th St in the East Village, NYC (between 1st & Avenue A)

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