The World’s Weirdest Tunnel

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The adventurous traveler can experience a lot in China.  Culinary explorations like munching on the feet of chicken or the belly of snake.  Cultural sensations like a viciously hard accupressure foot massage.  And some plain weird tourist attractions.

The Bund Sightseeing Tunnel could well be the result of a carnal coupling of Disneyland and Silence of the Lambs.  The “BST” runs underneath the busy Huangpu River from the historic Bund to the Pudong district.  Staring across at the futuristic towers of Pudong should prepare you for the BST, but unless you had overused ambien or valium the night before in an attempt to deal with jetlag, the sensory overload will hit you.  Hard!

“Step right up, folks”.  Your silver spherical transportation awaits.  “Oh, this will not be one of those boring trips, we promise”.  A voice reminiscent of creepy Vincent Price narrates, providing a verbal guide that seems to have been written by a translator without a context filter.  Its an experience like no other, and when in Shanghai you must go.  Unless you suffer from epilepsy, or took too many mind expanding drugs in the 60s!.

Here is a video by fatonysantoso if you want to experience it yourself:




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