I miss….my Soul Place

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I’m very fortunate.  I live in a beautiful part of the Southern Californian coastline, from which a myriad of activities and adventures can found within a 2 hour drive.  I just got out of a fun surf at Trestles, one of most fun breaks in the world.  The water, as it often is here, was mirror smooth.  The wind, non-existent.  Pelicans glided across the water surface, rising only to seemingly float over waves.  A dolphins fin emerged from the depths close by.


I went to the launch of a new apparel brand launched by some Laguna Beach friends last night.  It was a very authentic Laguna affair – casual, friendly, and with a good collection of artists and surfers.  The new brand, The Soul Project (you can check it out at www.facebook.com/TheSoulProject) is an art and cause inspired lifestyle brand.  Why I mention it is because as a lifestyle brand “for the intrepid traveler” it clearly spoke to my passion for travel, and much of what this blog is about.  The formal launch, on a projector in a garden (perhaps the most relaxed brand presentation I’ve ever seen) posed the question “Where is your soul place?”  The place where, even if you’ve never been there before, you immediately feel at home, and often will look at real estate ads to see how you can make the permanent move work.  It was a great question.

Manly (or Manly Beach in Australia as some know it) is my Soul Place, and in particular Fairy Bower.  Its the place of early memories at the age of 4 when my parents moved us out from England.  It was the place we came back to after 6 years of living in all sorts of bizarre and remote places in Australia.  It was where I learned to surf.  And its where I became me.  My most formative years where spent there.  I lived in Manly for over 30 years, and strong roots remain.  So the question of Soul Place got me thinking about home, and what I miss.

I miss….walking along the beachfront from Manly to Queenie looking for the best beach break; warm water in summer; checking the Fairy Bower pointbreak each day; taking the ferry across the world’s best harbor (even if to go to work); not needing a car; an abundance of great espresso coffee places; gluten-free toast; North coast surf trips and the occasional flight to Byron or Noosa; the physical presence of family in friends – some as emotionally close as they ever were, others who have vanished in the decade long mist of time away.


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