Journey Across the Himalayas: Prelude


I’ve been intending to write this story for a long time.  But epics are hard to start.  They are easier to live, and to recreate them later, no matter how good the photos or notes made, its a challenge to find that same place in your heart.  There is a fear that revisiting in writing, or video (at least the video that survived the mudslides, floods, rain, searing heat and deathly roads), won’t live up to the experience at the time.

But it is too good an adventure to keep bottled up in scraps of paper, tape cases and self recorded interviews.  And so, I will attempt to relive and re-tell it in episodic fashion.  I will take smaller bites, and not try to eat the entire meal at once.  A recently released film, The Highest Pass, also prodded me into revisiting telling the story.

The premise is as simple as it is ridiculous.  Go on a motorbike trip, with 3 months of riding experience (learning on safe, wide Orange County roads), to accompany my, then, 72 year old father Terry, and a friend of each of ours, on a mission to ride the World’s highest roads.  Oh, and lets do it on 1950s designed Royal Enfield motorbikes.  To ride to the point on the earth where no motorized vehicle can go any higher, a point a fraction under 19,000 feet, the same height as Everest base camp.  A grand adventure.  An experience that few people in the world’s population can claim.

Want to come on the journey?

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