10 Things to do in NYC (when the surf is flat)

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Today is the first official day of the waiting period for the highly anticipated Quiksilver Pro, the first time the world’s greatest city has hosted a World Tour surfing event.  Hurricane Katia hasn’t delivered her promised swell yet, so the worlds best surfers are looking for something to do.  Here are some ideas:

Grand Central, NYC

1.  Take a train.  Best way to get from Long Island, where the comp is, to the city.  You haven’t experienced living like a Noo Yorker until you’ve been on the subway.

NYC Melting Pot

2.  Soak up the culture.  No matter what culture you want.  Artistic, creative, diverse.

Soho graffiti

3.  Go the Lower East Side for hidden trend leading stores, Soho for easy to find stores, and both for graffiti art

Kaffe 1668

4.  Coffee – the Aussies will understand the challenge in finding good coffee in America.  Espresso culture is catching up though and Stumptown, RBC, Caffe 1668, Grumpy’s and FIKA will fulfil the urge.  (see an earlier NYC coffee specific blog post)

View from the Rock

5.  Top of the Rock.  Most locals haven’t done it, and are impressed when they do, especially on a clear day.  The views over the city and Central Park are insane.

West Village munchies

6.  Eat.  NYC is the best eating city in the world.  For typical NY scene go to Pastis in Meat Packing, Balthazaar in Soho, and Gemma on Lower East.  But the beauty of NYC eating is discovering the less famous, hidden local gems.  Eating at a fast food place is a plain waste of a grand opportunity.

Central Park

7.  Central Park.  Whether to walk, run or just explore, this park in the middle of the city is incredible.  Arguably the most valuable piece of land in the world.

Bryant Park balls

8.  Socialize.  NYC is a friendly city, despite its reputation.  Interesting people, good conversation, artistic and intellectual expression are respected, and unlike LA the conversation won’t end after 5 minutes if you can’t do something to help a strangers “career”.  Usually meeting one good person in NYC quickly expands to dozens.

West Side Hwy by human power

9.  Walk or run:  the Highline from Meat Packing district which is an awesome example of recycling urban space from a disused railway line to an elevated garden; across the Brooklyn bridge to see the city and an array of graffiti; the West Side highway pathway, which delivers views, exercise, water and the eclectic population of NY; through the East Village for weird stores and recycled fashion.

NYC art

10.  Explore: art, food, shopping.  NYC has it all, and the best way to find it is to have no plan and just wander and see what you discover.  NYC is a city that has it all.  Enjoy!


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